H. Oanh X. Nguyen, B.S.

Department of Pharmaceutics

Present PI Affiliation: George Wilcox, Carolyn Fairbanks
Years of University Contribution: 12

I joined Dr. Wilcox's laboratory in June 1994 as part of a high school summer research internship program and returned the following summer for a second summer research experience. As it turned out, I remained as a part-time student laboratory assistant for the duration of my college years. Following graduation, I participated in some graduate level coursework in the Graduate Program in Pharmacology. In May 2001, I joined the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy as a Professional and Administrative Research Coordinator with the research program of Dr. Carolyn Fairbanks. I tremendously enjoy being a part of the scientific community here at the University of Minnesota; I particularly enjoy attending weekly seminars and journal clubs of the Depts of Neuroscience, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology. I look forward to many more years working with my laboratory team members as well as members of the Center for Pain Research.

During my time in the lab, I have acquired knowledge and mastery in a variety of animal and molecular biology experimental assays including: intrathecal injection, interarticular injection, mechanical and thermal sensory assessment, spinal-nerve ligation surgery, trans-electrical nerve stimulation, antibody production, immunocytochemistry, and genotyping. In the future I hope to incorporate more genomics oriented techniques. In addition to my experimental skills, I am also responsible for administrative tasks including: personnel training and scheduling, laboratory supply ordering, chemical database, research subject forms database, selection and optimization of equipment and methods for the laboratory. I also contribute to the management of the University of Minnesota Center for Pain Research.


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